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Kim, an open-world RPG inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s acclaimed novel, is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and leaderboards, and a 10% launch discount.

How will an Irish orphan living in 1880s India choose to navigate the political and spiritual opportunities presented to him? Kim may have been raised in the streets but soon his involvement with influential British operatives and his search for life’s true meaning will put him on a path towards greater things. You get to decide that path using stealth, real-time-with-pause combat, and dialogue options drawn from Rudyard Kipling’s work.

During the time that Kim was In Development, a sandstorm of changes washed away plenty of bugs and brought richer and more balanced features, making sure that this procedurally-generated RPG does justice to both the author’s timeless tale and to the players’ desire to retell it. What remains unchanged is your agency in how the story unfolds, following your carefully-made choices and your interactions with the unforgettable cast of characters.

Travel to colonial India and follow Kim‘s bare footsteps as he dabbles in espionage and personal enlightenment, DRM-free on The 10% discount will last until November 1st, 3:59 PM UTC.

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