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Asimov would be proud…

SOMA, a new take on horor from the creators of Amnesia, is now available for pre-orders with a 10% discount on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on

Frictional Games, the guys behind awesome horror series including Amnesia and Penumbra, are back for another shot of fear. But this time around, they’re doing things differently. While at first glance SOMA is still a first person game with focus on exploration and a discomforting atmosphere – the real innovation lies in the creative process, and produces an end result that’s so much different than the usual jump-scare fare.
Drawing inspiration from the works of Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick and Robert A. Heinlein. SOMA is a sci-fi horror game that relies on a finely crafted setting to ask the hard questions and tackle unique existentialist issues – deal with the idea of free will, subjective experience, and machine-consciousness. In SOMA, you’ll experience tension through an unbelievable atmosphere and sound design, and discover the fascinating story through your own actions.

Don’t scream, ponder the depths of existence. Pre-order SOMA today, DRM-free on

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