Weekly Staff Picks: Final Boss

Classic Games

50-80% off Darksiders, Rogue Legacy and Titan Souls.

Once upon a time there was a hero. One little hero against the world. Through thick and thin, dungeons and swarms, he presses on and on! Weekly Staff Picks: Final Boss are a selection of four titles with some of the finest, biggest boss fights that await our hero at the end of the dungeon. At 50-80% off, that hero is you.

One Arrow, One Boss, One Shot, One Kill. Titan Souls is a game that focuses entirely on an unforgiving series of quick and ruthless boss fights. You’ll have to observe and learn fiendish attack patterns, to spot your opening, and make the shot. You will die a lot – but each time will be a learning experience. It’s a simple, challenging-but-fair action game with a name that’s no coincidence…
You may not succeed, but you’ll make it your business to help your children succeed. Or maybe their children, or perhaps even their children. In Rogue Legacy, each generation of fighters you control will take advantage of everything that their ancestors have learned to delve deeper and deeper into the mysterious castle looming over your village. On your way you’ll encounter peculiar bosses including a floating Eyeball, an anthropomorphic flaming ball of fire, a purple-flaming floating skull, and more deadly curiosities.
Finally, there is Darksiders I and II a story of Death and War – the riders of the apocalypse. With a setting like that, you can only imagine the kinds of towering, massive and unholy horrors that you’ll face.

Reach the final boss, get up to 80% off, in this week’s Weekly Staff Picks. The promo will last until Thursday, August 27, 9:59 AM GMT.

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