Release: Grandia II Anniversary Edition

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The Gold-Standard in jRPG combat.

Grandia II Anniversary Edition, a jRPG epic with some of the best combat around, is available now, DRM-free on with a 25%, weeklong launch discount and full GOG Galaxy support for Achievements!

15 years ago this month, a standalone jRPG sequel premiered on the Dreamcast to amazing critical acclaim and a sudden cult following. By far the best entry in the series, if there’s one thing that made Grandia II stand out from the usual crowd, it was the amazing, innovative combat. Whether you’re a jRPG veteran, or just vaguely interested in the genre, you’ll be happy to find that your run-of-the mill slog through dreaded random encounters is replaced by a combat system so good, they actually made a whole new game around it: Grandia Xtreme. Combined with a wonderful soundtrack and a lengthy storyline, there are few games out there that offer as grand a sense of true adventure, as Grandia II.

The Anniversary Edition introduces an authentic-but-improved experience, controller support, fancy new higher-res graphics and a native Windows experience!

Return to the peak of the Dreamcast era with Grandia II Anniversary Edition, now on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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