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Up to 66% off time-defying treasures: Apotheon, Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb, Zeus + Poseidon, and more!

These gaming treasures belong in a museum! But not because they’re obsolete or irrelevant – no. They’ve earned that right after spending a significant amount of time rubbing elbows with legendary relic hunters, venturing into ancient tombs, building impressive monuments, and worshiping long-dead gods. Incidentally, this weekend is the perfect time to pay them a visit and marvel at their classical beauty, as tickets for these Temple Tours are now up to 66% off!

Doctor Henry Jones Jr. is no stranger to perilous globetrotting, fistfights with power-hungry Nazis, and ancient artifacts. So when evil forces try to obtain one such trinket, it’s time for him to once again put on his fedora, crack his trusty whip, and go looking for trouble in Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb.

With its unique 2D visuals, inspired by the decorations in ancient Greek amphorae, Apotheon tells the brutal story of a mortal trying to save humanity by claiming the power of the Gods for himself. Good old-fashioned tragedy, impossible heroics, and spectacular bloodbaths ensue.

Great empires rise and fall but history will find a way to celebrate their achievements. Like the grand Roman cities you can build in Caesar 3, full of well-placed facilities, elaborate aqueducts, timeless monuments, and perhaps the occasional Colosseum.

Join our Temple Tours and enjoy the breathtaking sights: Children of the Nile, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, Zeus + Poseidon, and more are just around the corner!
The promo will last until October 14, 9:59 AM UTC.

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