Hey GOG-folk, let’s share our Weekend Playlists! + Bonus “Best antagonist” discussion

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Which games are keeping you company this weekend?

An antagonist doesn’t have to be villainous – they might be misguided, manipulated by an evil entity, or simply cast on a collision course with your quest. Of course, most are outright nasty. But which one is your favorite? Did they tempt you to see things their way? Were they so devilishly charismatic that you felt bad driving your sword through their black heart? Did they simply have the most delicious cackle you’d ever heard? We want names!

Surely you’ve got some gaming planned for this weekend, too. Go on, share your Weekend Playlist with us. It can include single-player games, multiplayer games, console exclusives, anything – we are not judging. In fact, we are sharing too!

Looking for some additional inspiration? The GOG.com releases of the week might help:

– You can stab, evade, or deceive from the shadows as the vengeful spirit Aragami.
– You can indulge in some exceptionally challenging carnage as the human exterminator BUTCHER.
– You can push back a bunch of unfriendly aliens using the skills and clever positioning of your Star Vikings.
– You can use any unconventional piece of warfare in order to prevail in this chaotic Worms: Armageddon.
– You can venture into the city’s seedy underbelly, searching for clues and for any pattern that will help you crack The Silver Case.

So, GOGilons, what are you playing this weekend?

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