Weekly Staff Picks: Are we there yet?

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Up to 80% off Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, 80 Days, Starship Titanic, Evoland, and more!

Who doesn’t like trips? Whether you are travelling through space, time, gaming eras, or emotional phases, it is mostly about the journey itself, not the destination. And you can’t really put a price on a wonderful, memorable journey. But you can put a discount on it! Like the up to 80% one we put on our Weekly Staff Picks: Are we there yet?. So go grab your ticket on the cheap and get moving, traveler! There are some marvellous, unexplored paths out there waiting for you to cross them.

If adventure is in your blood or it haunts your sleep, then it’s time to lose yourself in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It is a place where destinies, worlds and states of being collide to form this poignant gem of thought-provoking fantasy and intriguing social commentary.

Does the fever for exotic expeditions grip you like it grips the 20 fearless trekkers of the Renowned Explorers: International Society? Then pick three of them and venture out to unknown regions where you will fight, charm, or even intimidate your way towards mystical treasures and lost cities.

No journey can be considered complete without a hike through the galaxy aboard the ill-fated Starship Titanic. Puzzle out the absurd behaviour of its strange crew, enjoy the intoxicating wit of author Douglas Adams, and try to fight the urge to strangle that damn parrot.

Fill your backpack with provisions, a yearning for adventure, and your favorite games from our Weekly Staff Picks: Are we there yet? — then hit the wondrous highway of wanderers. It will be difficult to leave any game behind, with the likes of 80 Days, Evoland 2, and The Longest Journey fighting for a spot by your campfire. The …read more

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