Weekly Sale Vol. 8 – Cryaotic Picks: Batman – The Telltale Series, The Witcher 3 – GOTY, Outlast, and more!

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A stream of games picked by the beloved streamer, up to 85% off!

No one knows what he looks like. Except maybe himself. But everyone knows his balmy, reassuring voice, the one he uses to dole out his trademark dry sarcasm and engrossing narrations of his gaming misadventures. This week, Cryaotic picks his favorite games from the GOG catalog and we’re wrapping them inside some tasty discounts in this special Weekly Sale!

The Caped Crusader doesn’t have the luxury of a choice – protecting Gotham at all costs is his one lifelong mission. But in Batman – The Telltale Series, you have plenty of choices. Choices that will shape Bruce Wayne’s legacy, as well as the future of the city he so dearly loves.

With the sequel looming on the horizon, Outlast is the perfect reminder of how effective horror games can be. Running scared, looking for an inconspicuous hiding place and a fresh pair of batteries for your flickering camcorder, offers a kind of rush that nothing else can truly replicate. If you’re lucky…

As always, there’s more – including up to 85% off The Witcher 3 – GOTY Edition, SOMA, The Wolf Among Us, Trine, Forced Showdown, and much more!

The Weekly Sale – Cryaotic Picks will last until March 20, 5PM UTC.

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