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Decide the fate of Ancaria!

I can feel the disturbance in the energy. It sings to me a sad song of chaos and destruction to come. Are you here to help Ancaria regain its balance? Or will you let it descend into madness of war? It wasn’t always like that, you know. This mystical power, the source of all magic and life, was controlled and watched over by the Seraphim and the world was at peace. Then, the angels passed on their knowledge to the High Elves and so it began. It corrupted them, brother turned against brother, empires went to arms, drowning the continent in blood. The energy itself became perilous creating foul and chaotic creatures wherever it spilled, now mutated beasts roam the land praying on simple folk. Will you heed my call, mighty warrior? Are you the one to decide the fate of Ancaria?

Sacred 2 Gold, set two millenia before the epic events of the original Sacred, allows you to hack ‘n’ slash your way through a vast world full of foes of all shapes and sizes. The amount of weapons and armor you’ll have at your disposal is mind-boggling. With plenty of choices between following the light or shadow campaign quests, an addictive levelling system, and multiple character races considerably affecting playing styles Sacred 2 delivers on its promise of hours upon hours of fast-paced fun. Acting as a prequel to the original game, Sacred 2 Gold Edition comes packed with bonus content, including the awesome Ice and Blood expansion adding new regions, a new playable character, and countless new items.

Embark on an action-packed quest to bend the mystical T-Energy to your will and decide the fate of Ancaria in Sacred 2 Gold, for only $7.99 on! The 60% off discount is in effect for the next 72 hours.

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