Weekly Sale Vol. 6: System Shock 2, Etherlords, Blitzkrieg Anthology, and more!

Classic Games

An onslaught of celebrated classics up to 85% off – and more to come!

Some games just refuse to be forgotten. Either because they were so far ahead of their time, or because they’re so damn good that there’s no surpassing them – fact is their light never fades. Today, several of them are holding a meeting called Weekly Sale 6, and we’ve got our hands on the impressive guest list!

What will you do when an entire space facility turns against you? The constant sense of helplessness, the delightful deceptions orchestrated by the facility’s sadistic A.I, the inescapable brutality – it all comes together to cause a System Shock whose effects will never fully wear off.

Blitzkrieg hits hard, fast, and with ruthless strategic precision. Whether it’s with airstrikes, artillery or infantry assaults, the historical theatres of war are your playground, and your tactical commands the only thing standing between crushing defeat or glorious victory.

As always, there’s more – including up to 85% off Noctropolis, Etherlords, D: The Game, and Turok. Plus, stay tuned for new games and deals this Friday!

The Weekly Sale will last until February 13, 5:00 PM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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