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War just came back home.

World in Conflict, a beautiful love-letter to tactics and explosions, is available now on Windows, DRM-free on

A hail of artillery pierces tanks and grocery stores, as homes, terrified men, and boys burn under sheets of napalm. Retreat? Never. These are your homes – and you’ve said your goodbyes fifteen seconds ago. A stunning flash engulfs the now radioactive pit formerly known as Jamestown High and for a few seconds there is silence. But the battle rages on, a dozen blocks down, and your attention is needed elsewhere.

World in Conflict is one of a kind, really. It’s an RTS that succeeded in becoming both action-oriented and incredibly tactical, easily accessible but challenging, and a beautiful spectacle of war. It wasn’t the first to do many of the things that make it brilliant, but the combination of small-scale tactics on huge battlefields, and the sheer destructive force at your fingertips is unlike any other. You’re put in control of a small squad of infantry, tanks, air support or artillery – just one part of a larger clash. Dynamic single-player missions will take you through the various roles and locations in every battle, keeping you constantly at peak intensity as you defend the United States from an onslaught of enemy forces – and then execute a counter-attack in the Soviet Assault expansion.

Commander – three minutes until the second nuke is primed.

The bonds of war and terrifying firepower at your fingertips, World in Conflict is available now, DRM-free on

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