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A familiar ambience awaits…

STASIS, an istometric point-and-click horror adventure, is available now on Windows and Mac OS X – DRM-free on with a 20% launch discount.

There is a familiar, unmistakable feeling to STASIS, an atmosphere we’ve felt before. A musical, ambient hum of decrepit machinery. Dirty, pre-rendered environments. A horrid discomfort and grime.
Through subtle graphical aesthetic, particular animation and sound design, STASIS invokes powerful memories of exploring the desolate vaults of Fallout, the twisted halls of Sanitarium, and the strangest corners of Planescape: Torment – a freak-show, a circus of nostalgia.

STASIS tells its story on a derelict spacecraft, home of self-professed gods and scientific progress, where everything that could go wrong, did: technical failures, deaths, inhuman experiments and an orbit in decay. You’re a survivor on the lifeless, floating husk – perhaps the last, perhaps just one of the few. You hope for the latter, because your child and wife were right beside you as you fell into a deep, cryogenic sleep. With deeply ingrained old-school influences, and a soundtrack designed by the man behind the 90’s most iconic gaming sounds (including Fallout, Planescape: Torment and Sanitarium) STASIS strikes an unprecedented balance between a modern revival, and a classic aura.

If you’re up for more classic intensity, you can also pick up the Deluxe Edition, complete with Unique Backgrounds, a PDF Art Book, and the incredible OST in MP3 and lossless FLAC.

The memory lives on in STASIS, available now, DRM-free on The launch discount will last for one week, until Monday, September 7, 12:59 PM GMT.

Developer Q&A:
If you’re as intrigued by the game and its influences as we are, drop by for the upcoming Developer Q&A, where Chris & Nick Bischoff – the guys behind the game – will answer all of your questions about …read more

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