Weekly Staff Picks: Braaaains!

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25-85% off SPAZ, Dead State, Rebuild 3, and Zombie Shooter.

Zombies. Can’t live with them, can’t get away from them. It wasn’t too long ago that gaming’s Zombie Renaissance peaked and unleashed upon us an army of a thousand mindless, drooling, unrelenting zombie-gaming experiences. Today, we’re picking out the cream of the crop: GOG.com releases filled to the brim with zombies, each with a unique take on the smash-hit-brain-eat antiheroes – each with discounts from 25-85% off it’s Weekly Staff Picks: Braaaains!

What’s the first thing you think of when you think zombie things? Oh, did you say chaos, bullets, and destruction? Zombie Shooter 1 & 2 are a pair of simple and brutal zombie killing simulators: isometric, trigger-happy, massive levels, mayhem. The premise is really as simple as a zombie’s thought process – get out there, make a fine mess, probably get blown up somewhere along the way. It’s quintessential zombie action, twice.

Chaos and destruction are cool and all, but what if you prefer a slower, more tactical approach? Shoot for Dead State, a tactical zombie survival RPG with turn-based combat, and a non-linear story with plenty of upgrades and unlocks – as well as elements of base-building. Do you have the brains and the brawn to survive the apocalypse?

Short on the brawn? Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is all about the braaaains. It’s a post-zombie-apocalypse city-building sim that came a long, looong way from it’s already immensely popular, hyper-addictive, browser-based origins. It’s a massive management game in which you’re in charge of building a settlement of survivors in a world barely recovering from the zombie apocalypse. It’s SimCity meets Walking Dead – with 200,000 words of lore and quests to soak up at your own pace.

What if Zombies had made it into space? It’s a reasonable thing to …read more

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