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Dancing with the spooks.

A strange feeling overcomes you as if your hair is growing inwards, tickling your brain. Suddenly, you hear a sound, like an armadillo playing the banjo. You smack your lips, tasting the strange energy in the atmosphere. Is this… sulfur? No! It’s uneasiness. With a dash of the spooky. Exactly the ingredients that make up this wicked Weekly Sale.

Chased by some truly horrible, delusional wackos, your only option is to sneak around and try to discover their horrific secrets without being discovered. That’s Outlast 2 in a nuts hell.

Less frightening but pretty unnerving in its own right, >observer_ is a trippy cyberpunk experience drenched in acid rain, destitution, and haunting imagery. All captured perfectly in Rutger Hauer’s world-weary voice.

The wicked Weekly Sale ends April 16, 10 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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