Weekend Sale: Shiny oddities, up to -80%

Classic Games

And now for something significantly different.

Ever get the feeling that a lot of the games in your backlog look the same? That surprises and moments of wonder are too few and far between? Well, time to give your backlog some character by introducing into it some shiny oddities from our Weekend Sale. These are games whose peculiar qualities will cause your eyebrows to rise with intrigue and guarded anticipation.

Among them, you’ll find the stunningly animated Cuphead, a nutty nut that’s hard to crack but gloriously rewarding.
After you beat it, try investigating The Signal from Tölva, a game so unusual you will twist your keyboard trying to spell its name.
Embrace the dark, writhy parts of your soul with Sundered, a Lovecraftian metroidvania as beautiful as it is challenging.
Or become an ill-fated monarch in Reigns, casually shuffling your deck of cards while your subjects slowly plot your demise. Pure bliss.

The Weekend Sale ends April 9, 10pm UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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