Weekend Promo: Wayback Winters

Classic Games

Up to 70% off Evil Genius, Commandos, Aliens vs. Predator, Empire Earth and more.

Way back when winter days were the longest of the year, when time stood still in anticipation of the holidays: of the time off from all responsibility, of flashy, shiny new fun, and of pure, undistilled, childlike wonder. That’s when we would truly game, become wholly immersed in the games we play – uninterrupted by daily troubles – shaping our tastes and forming the fondest of memories. Our Weekend Promo will take you to these Wayback Winters, where our childhood classics and retro stylings are king.

Become an Evil Genius, the ultimate childhood fantasy. Sure, James Bond was cool – but it was the shroud of mystery, brilliance, and badassery that made his villains far more intriguing, and their eventual downfall so damn disappointing. But times are changing, now you have grown into a true Evil Genius, and you will not make the same mistakes as your predecessors.

Dark shrubbery hugs your exposed ankles, an unfortunate strand of grass playfully pets your nostrils. This is no laughing matter. You are the Commandos, an elite team of soldiers: each a master of their discipline, together masters of infiltration. It is no laughing matter because you’re about to take out an Axis outpost – you wait for the signal, sights focused on a particularly at-ease enemy soldier. He blinks three times in your general direction, just as he has so many times before. Somebody pulls a power generator lever, right on cue. By the time the power grinds back on, only the three of you remain: the Commandos

Fast, precise, and unpredictable – the ultimate warriors out there. It’s Aliens vs. Predator, with humanity somewhere in between. This absolute FPS classic gets everything right for a truly fast and deadly …read more

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