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T-Rex cutlets is what’s for dinner.

Turok, the remastered fast-paced jurrassic FPS, is available now DRM-free on with a 20% launch discount.

Remember when dinosaurs were all the rage and aliens were still scary? Ah, yes, the 90s. What a magical time to be growing up. Imagine a jungle-like land populated with unfriendly aliens. Now throw in some aggressive flora for added inhospitality. Surely, dinosaurs are the next logical addition. No wait, make that dinosaurs with guns. All that’s missing now is an angry Native American warrior of time-travelling heritage to clean up the mess and thwart a great evil in the process. There, pure 90s.

Thankfully, Turok is not in the habit of entering such exotic-but-hostile lands unprepared. Strapped across his back are all kinds of devastating weapons, from the not-so-humble bow and knife to handheld instruments of mass destruction like miniguns and rocket-launchers. Plus all the havoc they wreak now looks extra spiffy in this remastered version, thanks to widescreen and high resolutions support, improved level design and fancy lighting effects.

Bring an army of oversized reptiles closer to extinction as the legendary Turok, now DRM-free on The 20% launch discount will last until December 24, 17:59 PM GMT.

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