Weekend Promo: Atari and Kalypso Mash-up

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New Omerta: Gold Edition and a vast selection of Atari and Kalypso games 60% off!

Welcome to our Atari and Kalypso Mash-up weekend offer! Let’s see whats on the menu. From Kalypso, something to warm us up with some tropical heat: Tropico 3 Gold Edition, the ultimate banana republic simulation that puts the fate of an entire nation in your hands. Will you be a father to your nation, or a bloody tyrant getting fat and rich on their suffering? Since it’s only a game both choices are valid and fun! Too hot for your taste? Maybe a little trip to the far north, then? In Cultures 1+2, an exploration-focused RTS series where you help a Viking tribe on they conquests around the world, you’ll get the chance to cool off a bit before your brave warriors decide to invade some place near the equator.

Don’t forget the newly released Gold Edition of Omerta: City of Gangsters, also discounted by 60%! Surely, many exciting shootouts wait ahead! But if the Valentine’s Day massacre was still nod bloody and gory enough for you, Atari has you covered. There are few gangsters, but bucketfulls on bucketfulls of gore in Blood and Blood 2: The Chosen, two gore-fest games that put many horror shooters to shame up to this day.

All those, and many, many more games are available 60% off this weekend. Don’t forget to drop by Atari and Kalypso Mash-up promo page, and pick your favorites for less than half the regular price until Tuesday, April 15, at 3:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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