Release: Omerta: City of Gangsters – Gold Edition

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Gangster goldrush!

Omerta: City of Gangsters – Gold Edition lets you work your way up from small-time crook to boss of the underworld in this strategic simulation set in the Golden Twenties by setting up speakeasies, gambling dens and distilleries. Recruit a hard-hitting crew armed with a variety of lethal weapons and equipment for tactical turn-based combat. Match wits with the AI or work your way up the global leaderboards in action-packed online duels. Two extensive single player campaigns filled with plot twists, unique characters and daring missions provide more than 100 diversified hours of playtime in and around an authentically recreated 1920s Atlantic City. The Gold Edition offered here includes the base game, the Japanese Incentive expansion pack, and all the previously published DLCs: The Bulgarian Colossus, Damsel in Distress, The Arms Industry, and The Con Artist.

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