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Today’s news item about the upcoming v0.95 build is a look at yet another map: CC-EHRGEIZ (CC aka Cell Capture). Deep in the Bolivean Andes, DRAYOS and EXOCOM try to establish base camps to prospect the soil for EDENIUM. Unfortunately, they both put an eye on the same soil.

CC-Ehrgeiz supports vehicular warfare and will feature our new DEMON battle mech plus a variety of other VEHICLES.

Despite its looks, CC-Ehrgeiz is a very simple map. It’s main inspiration and spiritual predecessor is VCTF-Shoebox, a community built map from the old UT days. It does share its openness and its simple “clash-based” gameplay.

Although it’s really open, it still supports a lot of play-styles. No matter if you prefer the defensive, or the all-in role… even if you’re a camper (curse you!), CC-Ehrgeiz has a spot in its heart for everyone.

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That’s it for today’s news item. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s view at another feature of our upcoming v0.95 build of TOXIKK.

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