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Capturing history without getting captured

1979 Revolution: Black Friday, a choice-driven political thriller set during the famous Iranian Revolution, is available now, DRM-free on for Windows and Mac with a 17% launch discount.

It is during those pivotal times of conflict, unrest, and extreme tendencies that one must be very careful when making any meaningful choices. Because these choices carry the potential of rippling through history and echoing for generations to come. Reza Shirazi, an Iranian photojournalist who has just returned home after studying abroad, finds Tehran caught up in one such event, the 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. His best friend is an influential member of the movement against the Shah and Reza will soon get tangled up in the turmoil and far-reaching implications of this revolution.

Renza will meet a colourful cast of controversial characters, take and process photographs of the events, and face hard decisions, which will dictate the fate of his friends, his family, and his entire country. Numerous collectibles and faithfully reconstructed scenes will give you an authentic, cinematic presentation of these troubled times, based on eyewitness testimonies and historical facts. An acclaimed voice-cast brings these tragic events to life, but ultimately, it is your own choices that dictate how this bloody street revolution will play out and who it touches the most.

Take historical pictures and be an integral part of the big picture behind the 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, DRM-free on The 17% discount will last until April 11 2:59 AM PDT / 5:59 AM EDT / 10:59 BST.

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