Twitch Celeration: 40k followers = 40 hours of streaming + 40 giveaways

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Are you keeping count?

Hey watchers, we’re celebrating! Our Twitch channel recently reached 40,000 followers and we want to say “thank you” in the most appropriate way. So get yourselves comfortable and brew a cauldron of your favorite hot beverage, because we’re taking you with us: it’s a 40-hour streaming marathon, with 40 games, plenty of streamers, and 40 giveaways.

The marathon is already underway but don’t worry if you’ve missed some games – it will keep going until Saturday, 5PM UTC.
Tune in now for another round of Planescape: Torment streaming with developer Colin McComb, starting today, at 5PM UTC.
Also keep an eye out for a multiplayer stream of Project Zomboid, on Friday, 9AM and Dear Esther: Landmark Edition on Friday, 5PM.

40 games in total will participate in our celebratory marathon, including Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Doom, Thief II, System Shock 2, Theme Hospital, Turok, and FTL.
Each game will have a copy given out by its streamer so make sure to drop by for a chance to try them out yourself.

So stock up on snacks and eye-drops, and join us in our special Twitch stream!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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