Release: Hearts of Iron

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The true scale of a world war.

Hearts of Iron, a World War II grand strategy game, is now available on Windows – for the first time in digital distribution – on!

Hearts of Iron was Paradox Interactive’s first venture into deeper, more focused, grand strategy experiences after the immense success of Europa Universalis. The primary focus here is warfare and survival on a global scale, World War II is imminent and you’re going to play the role of one of the many European nations entangled in the merciless conflict. Whether you’re out to dominate, survive, or prepare for the war, will depend on the nation and scenario you choose – and how well you micromanage global politics, resources, population and large-scale warfare. Hearts of Iron is heavily rooted in the authentic events of the period, although much will depend on just how you lead your nation.

You’ll ensure the fascist, democratic, or communist future a new Europe in Hearts of Iron, available now – for the first time in digital distribution, on!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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