Release: Hidden & Dangerous and Hidden & Dangerous 2

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Plus: all other 2K Games are now up to -75%!

Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack and Hidden & Dangerous 2, the tactical WWII shooters where every bullet counts, are now available as digital exclusives on
For a proper welcome, we’re holding a 2K Games Sale, where the entire catalog is up to 75% off!

More often than not, strength or numbers are not the deciding factors of victory; tactics are. A squad of fine British Special Air Service lads with co-ordinated moves, smart shooting, and carefully chosen loadout can disrupt the most dense enemy forces as long as they stay Hidden & Dangerous.

The sequel, Hidden & Dangerous 2, expands on the gameplay mechanics that let you switch between a third-person and first-person view, while also adding more stealth and subterfuge options. This time, our team is assassinating targets, sabotaging equipment, and rescuing prisoners in even more diverse locations across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In order to welcome the two H&D games in our 2K Games squad, the rest of their catalog is now on sale, with titles like X-Com: Terror from the Deep, Army Men, and Freedom Force going for up to 75% off.
The 2K Games sale lasts until February 27, 5PM UTC.

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