Strap yourselves in: EVERSPACE™ just received a big update

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It’s not about the size of the ship, it’s about the cool stuff you can do with it!

EVERSPACE™, the fast-(s)paced shooter with roguelike elements, just added a hefty update to its cargo hold. It’s full of spiffy additions, fixes, and gameplay tweaks, so let’s give it some space:

– Meet the Colonial Gunship. A behemoth of devastating firepower equipped with heavy missiles, cluster mines, scanning probes, mining probes, and even an automated Gatling turret. This baby means business.
– Fight a new formidable opponent, the Outlaw Drone Carrier.
– Perks overhaul. They have now been split in two categories: pilot perks and ship perks to help further customize your playstyle, depending on the ship you’re using.
– Galaxy-wide additions: new natural hazards, a new planet type, more structures, additional points of interest, and, last but not least, the first chunk of log book entries written by backers.
– Fixes and improvements on assorted bugs and known issues.

There’s much more to see and discover in the new EVERSPACE™ update, but for that you’ll need to fly out there yourselves and wrestle the dangers of this procedurally-generated galaxy. The timing is perfect too, as you can take advantage of the 15% discount that lasts until December 11, 10:59 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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