Release: Master Of Orion – Revenge of Antares Race Pack DLC

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Three new races stand against an ancient threat.

Revenge of Antares Race Pack, a new DLC for the massive 4X strategy game, offering three new playable races ready to stand against Antares, is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

No matter how much you expand your galactic empire, there are always going to be surprises lurking behind an unexplored corner. Like the aquatic Trilarian, who value peace above all else, but are prepared to stand their ground, when the situation calls for hostilities. Or the lucky Gnolams, who excel at trading and leading extravagant lives, steeped in luxury and intrigue. And what about the xenophobic Elerians, who offer a new gameplay perspective due to their persistence in preserving their cultural purity against the other races?

Master of Orion has also just received a free expansion featuring the enigmatic and war-thirsty Antarans. Players will have the option to recruit new leaders, while doing battle with these genetically engineered foes, whose existence is deeply rooted in the series’ lore.

Meet three new alien races as you explore the Revenge of Antares Race Pack, DRM-free on
Master of Orion is now 50% off until December 11, 10:59 PM UTC.

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