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Pacific General and Fantasy General, the accessible, Panzer-like grand strategy classics, are available now DRM-free on!

Pacific General, available for Windows, is a spiritual sequel from the studio behind the acclaimed Panzer General series – an improvement over the classic, but one that retains the same feel and concepts as its inspiration. Once more we return to the overhead battlefields of World War II in a series of quick-play scenarios and full-blown campaigns: everything from Pearl Harbor to hypothetical invasion scenarios is here, all packaged in a relatively newbie-friendly grand-strategy package. Fantasy General takes that same experience and sets it in a fantasy universe. This one’s for you if you’re a fan of large-scale hex-based battlefields and steampunk-infused fantasy. Fantasy General is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
Pacific General and Fantasy General are being published by We are happy to release these titles not on behalf of another party, but by acting as the sole publisher for the very first time!

Unleash your inner armchair general with Pacific General and Fantasy General, available now, DRM-free on!

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