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Try the DRM-free online gaming platform.

GOG Galaxy: our truly gamer-friendly, DRM-free online gaming platform. As we shared our vision with the world, we promised auto-patching, social functionality like chat, friends lists, and achievements. We promised our own multiplayer support and cross-play with Steam. Most importantly, we promised truly optional.

Today we deliver.
The GOG Galaxy client enters beta, open to anyone, with the most important functionality ready to try, test, enjoy (and break) at your leisure. We’re proud to have gotten this far, and we know that we couldn’t have done it without you all – that’s everyone who spent months in alpha testing, that’s those of you who talked to us about your needs and expectations, and it’s every single one of you that has supported us since ever. So thanks, GOG Galaxy is for you!

With the GOG Galaxy Beta, you can install your games in one click and keep them up to date automatically, the beta currently supports this feature in all but a couple of titles available here. You can also perform backups easily by downloading a standalone installer through GOG Galaxy. The beta features a friends list, game time tracking, achievements, and chat. You can now talk to each other, connect with your group of friends, and see what everyone is playing. You can also try out our online multiplayer & matchmaking solution that, in select titles, includes cross-play: platform-independent multiplayer between gamers on GOG.com and Steam. If you download a patch that breaks something or if you just change your mind, the app will soon feature a unique rollback option to restore a previous version of your game.

Best of all, GOG Galaxy is optional. If you don’t want to use any additional software, your experience with us won’t change at all. If …read more

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