Special Promo: Battle Worlds: Kronos (now includes Trains DLC)

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Now includes the Trains DLC!

If you’re an old-time military strategy gamer, Battle Worlds: Kronos will bring back many of your fondest memories. The playfield alone, divided into countless orderly hexagons, looks irresistibly familiar. Time-proven turn based mechanics allows for careful planning and provides room for the cleverest of stratagems. We’re not big on the term “spiritual successor”, as it is widely overused by modern game designers, but this is the spiritual successor to the classic Battle Isle series, if we’ve ever seen one. In this ambitious title, two single-player campaigns provide up to 30 hours of challenge and satisfaction, further extended by special maps and–of course–multiplayer modes, including the evergreen hot-seat option. Pair that with visuals absolutely perfect for a mid-range Sci-Fi strategy game, and what you get is a title no armchair general could possibly resist.

Ever since the original release in November 2014 the KING Art Games team is working to expand and improve the gaming experience of Battle Worlds: Kronos. Today marks the addition of the free Trains DLC to the game. Here’s what’s new!

Bring order to the chaotic and dark times of the succession wars and lead humanity to victory–well, a part of humanity at least–in Battle Worlds: Kronos, for only $14.99 on GOG.com. The special 50% off offer lasts until Thursday, May 29, at 9:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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