Weekend Promo: Adventures with Anuman

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Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood, Syberia 1&2, MegaRace 1,2,3, and more games from Anuman 70% off!

Discovery is one of the humans’ most basic needs. We eat, we drink, we sleep, we mate, and then we go someplace new. Some of us are more adventurous than others, but the need to see what lies beneath the hills is firmly rooted in the human soul. That’s why we always seek out new lands. That’s why we’re always fascinated by legends of lost civilizations. That’s why the unknown is our favorite direction. Whenever we’re given the chance, we like to go on an adventure! Oh yes, this can be a long and eventful weekend if you’re ready for some Adventures with Anuman!

One of the most recognizable adventure sagas must be the story of Robin Hood and his company of benevolent rogues. It has sprouted countless books, movies, TV series, and games. One of these games–and one of the best in existence, is Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, a team-based real time strategy game from the developers of Desperados. You can control up to six different characters, each with his or her own set of skills and weapons. You will have to use these abilities wisely in order to succeed. There are many ways to finish each mission, but the challenge is always to find the best one. This weekend, lead the fight for justice, for only $2.99!

The stories of the lost land of Atlantis have filled our imagination with amazing visions for ages. The adventure games fueled by those vision can set the mood for further exploration of the unknown. Syberia, although it can be seemingly easy located on a map, is no less mysterious and strange than Atlantis. At least in the phenomenal point-and-clicks by the visionary BenoĆ®t Sokal, it is. If the earthly mysteries no longer excite you, you can always set out for the ultimate frontier, and explore space in Haegemonia: Gold Edition. Don’t expect your journey towards stars to be peaceful and uneventful, though!

That’s but a small part of our extensive Adventures with Anuman weekend offer. Titles of varied genre, size, and age wait for you in the promo page, and they’re all 70% off until Tuesday, May 27, at 3:59AM GMT. Don’t miss out!

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