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Almost too good to be a game–but as games go, it’s one of the pest.–Entertainment Weekly

There’s over 4,500 species of cockroaches roaming every possible corner of our planet. 40 of them, are the species closely related to human habitats. They live in the cracks of our civilization, feeding on our waste, shunning our light. We try to keep our worlds as separate as possible, revolted by their shining chitin bodies, dietary habits, and the tendency to show up unexpected and uninvited. We do our best to keep them out of our sight and mind, but the truth is, we’re only fooling ourselves. They are there, they have always been, and they will be long after we’re gone. Now, wouldn’t it be fascinating to catch a glimpse of these creatures’ perspective of reality?

Bad Mojo Redux lets you do just that! It tells a Kafka-like story of a man turned into a cockroach by a strange and mystical twist of events. Surprisingly the event leaves the protagonist feeling empowered, free, and in control for the first time in his life, as he sets off to experience the world full of paths no human ever trailed before. The game, combining exploration, puzzles, and a psychedelic plot, has been refurbished for modern systems so you can discover all of the 800+ screens re-creating our world’s disturbingly icky underbelly. The game comes complete with a ton of bonus video content (including a “making of” documentary and developer commentaries) and artworks.

Overcome your revultion, leave behind your prejudice towards insects, and discover a whole new perspective with Bad Mojo Redux, yet another Night Dive classic release, for only $5.99 on

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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