Man O’ War: Corsair – Update 0.2 is out

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New mechanics, features, and a better open world!

Man O’ War: Corsair, the game of warfare and exploration on the open-seas of Warhammer, has been with us in development for a few weeks now. The team behind the game has been helping us test drive beta channels in GOG Galaxy – as well as an exciting, upcoming feature we call the developer pipeline. They’re both designed to make updates easier to deliver, and faster to get to you by cutting out the middleman (us).

After a good run in the game’s beta channel, the major Update 0.2 is now publicly available – bringing in new game mechanics, fixes, and an expanded open-world experience. Check out the video below for the highlights!

Enabling Beta Channels
If you’d like to try out the newest (but not necessarily stable) updates for Man O’ War: Corsair — check out the beta channels in GOG Galaxy. See below how to enable this for any eligible title!

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