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Revolutionary tactics.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg, an effortlessly simple and unbelievably tactical simulator, is available now for Windows (with Mac OS X and Linux versions coming soon), DRM-free on with a 33% launch discount.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is what you’d get if you took deep, complex, intelligent AI and systems – and wrapped them in a simple, user-friendly package. It’s the perfect balance between historical authenticity and open-ended tactics, it’s accessible but infinitely capable. There are no AI difficulty cheats here, each opponent is modeled to work within a certain set of rules and every advantage it can ever get – you can too. The same brilliant AI design allows you to focus on the grand tactical scheme of things without having to babysit and micromanage your units. Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a Civil War enthusiast’s dream, with a detailed, historically accurate map of Gettysburg that’s yours to utilise (and learn about). It’s also a game that isn’t held back by an unrelenting drive to become a bloated battle simulator.

Participate in the ultimate Civil War reenactment in Ultimate General: Gettysburg, available now, DRM-free on! The launch discount will last for one week, until Thursday, June 4, at 9:59 AM GMT.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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