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1. Be funny on the Internet. 2. ??? 3. PROFIT. Heh.

We are sure you are eager to engulf yourself in Serpent in the Staglands, the freshly released and perfectly pixellated RPG. We know all too well how serious a game can get at times – and what better way to liven the mood than with a classic piece of humor?

A serpent and a stag walk into a bar…

Make yourself and other gamers laugh – finish the joke in the funniest way you can, keeping it brief, and post it in this thread before Tuesday, June 2nd, 10:59 AM GMT.

Make it as game-themed or as unrelated as you wish, and keep it short. We’ll tell them to our coworkers and pick the ones they laugh at most – and duly reward your wisecracking efforts.

We will pick 2 winners, who will get a handmade leather-bound game guide and 4 game codes worth $9.99 each! As always, we reserve the right to award honorable mentions to other entrants.

Some extra rules:

— Don’t edit your post once it’s posted. Check spelling, grammar, content, and punctuation before you make your post, not after.
— Only one post/entry per person – if you make more, only the first one will be judged
— The deadline is Tuesday, June 2nd, 10:59 AM GMT.
— We aim to pick a winner by Friday, June 5th.

Good luck!

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