The Grand City-Builders Sale

Classic Games

SimCity 2000, Banished, Pharaoh + Cleopatra, Tropico series, Lethis – Path of Progress, and more up to 80% off!

We love city builders – who doesn’t? And since we just welcomed three big ones in our midst, we decided it was time for a proper celebration: a Grand City-Builders Sale with over 15 proud representatives of this beloved genre going for up to 80% off!

There’s just something highly emotional about getting entrusted a tiny hovel, building a city around it, watching it prosper and eventually having it run into all sorts of problems. Then rage-quitting for bed and staying awake for a couple of hours thinking what you should do differently the next day.

The principles remain largely the same: build, maintain, and expand your city with clever planning, profitable trading, and sometimes even armed conflict. But the historical, technological, or even social context varies, making the different settings all the more intriguing and challenging.

So pick your building playground from the Grand City-Builders Sale for up to 80% off and raise yourself a metropolis that will outlast all catastrophes. It’s full of acclaimed pieces of gaming real-estate like: Children of the Nile, Afterlife, Zeus + Poseidon, Space Colony HD, and many more!

The City-Builders Sale will last until February 13, 2PM UTC.

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