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The Witness, an island full of mind-bending puzzles solved through keen observation and persistent exploration, is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

Puzzles. The enigmatic island you’ve woken up in is dotted with panels full of puzzles. To solve them, all you need to do is draw a continuous line from an entry point to an exit point. Simple, isn’t it? It isn’t. As in every great mind-bender, there are rules to follow, visual clues to decipher, hidden paths to discover. Designed by Braid‘s creator Jonathan Blow, the vibrant, meticulously arranged island provides all the hints you need, while at the same time obfuscating its true nature from you. Approaching the puzzles with an open mind and exploring the environment in an open way are essential to overcoming the island’s challenges, as you learn to speak its language and fall in love with its deceptive simplicity.

Walk a straight line towards an abundance of brilliant puzzles and become The Witness, DRM-free on The 10% launch discount will last until May 18, 12:59 PM UTC.

In the press:
“Exquisitely layered puzzles populate a world that will keep you guessing” – PC Gamer
“Just as arresting and enthralling as anyone could have expected” – Game Rant

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