Release: The Marvelous Miss Take

Classic Games

An intelligent heist game.

The Marvelous Miss Take, a fast-paced comedic heist game with an engaging story, challenging you to think and act quick is available for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on!

The Marvelous Miss Take turns the stealth genre on its head by using organised chaos to keep players on their toes. Successfully pilfering portraits isn’t as easy as it may seem: wandering guards decide their patrol routes on the fly, security cameras keep watch over everything and even innocent gallery goers just visiting to admire the art might raise the alarm if they see something suspicious. Only by using quick wits and even quicker reflexes can players hope to grab the loot (that rightfully should be yours, to begin with) and escape unseen – there’s no option for violence and the clock is ticking!

With a funny, engaging story written by BAFTA winner James Leach, cartoony presentation, and 25 multi-floored galleries to pay a visit to, The Marvelous Miss Take makes cat burglary fun and cheerful again!

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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