Release: Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC

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Recurring nightmares.

Layers of Fear: Inheritance, a new generation of psychedelic horror revisiting the mansion’s past, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on As a homecoming present, Layers of Fear is 35% off for a week, plus it now features GOG Galaxy support for achievements.

Was your father the monster people consider him to be? Or was he a misunderstood artist that did what was necessary to transcend his craft? As his daughter, your perception of the tragic events that pulled your family asunder is murky, distorted, drowning in a pool of repressed memories. Coming back to your ancestral mansion will have those rushing back, and you need to make sense of this madness and decide which past you will carry with you into the future. After all, this new perspective offers additional details into your parents’ story but also throws you inside a web of overlapping realities, conjured both from real events and twisted childhood fantasies.

Untangle the traumatic memories of your father’s dark deeds and paint your own way into the future in Layers of Fear: Inheritance, DRM-free on
For a proper dive in the manor’s troubled past, grab the original Layers of Fear with 35% of the price now peeled right off. The discount will last until August 9, 4:59 PM UTC.

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