Release: Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 4

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The Penultimate Perils on Pandora.

Tales from the Borderlands gets a fourth episode of Gearbox-style Telltale Adventure (or is it Telltale-style Gearbox Adventure?), available now DRM-free on!

If you already own the game, you already own the newest episode (see below for more info on how to get it). If you don’t, you can now pick up the season with a 33% discount!

What is Tales from the Borderlands all about?
“I wish they took all the boring talky parts out of my Borderlands,” said no one ever.

“Let’s do the opposite of that,” said the CEOs of Telltale Games and Borderlands, both of whom are good at making things you like. So break the internet Handsome Jack, Tales from the Borderlands is what you get when the zany world of Pandora gets to be weird in the spotlight!

If you’re familiar with Telltale’s signature adventure style you know exactly what to expect: beautiful, true to the original,art and a hilariously gripping story to shape with every act, decision or indecision.

Not long after the events of Borderlands 2, you’ll take control of a Hyperion hopeful and a native con-artist working the streets of Pandora. On their adventures you’ll meet familiar faces and missing faces, including the titillating Mad Moxxi, Zer0 (still as a number), and the torturously Handsome Jack.

Get your hands on Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 4, available now, DRM-free on! The launch discount will last until Sunday, August 23, 4:59 PM GMT.

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