Release: Superfrog HD

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Superfrog is back to save the day!

Superfrog HD, a modern reworking of the 1993 2D platformer with tweaked gameplay, updated level design, and enhanced cartoonish graphics, is available 60% off on That’s only $3.99 for the first 72 hours!

You know how the story goes: an unlucky prince is magically turned into a frog by a nasty witch. But here is a twist! Thanks to a mystery potion the frog gets super powers. To rescue his kidnapped princess the reptilian superhero will jump around 24 finely crafted levels, across 6 themed worlds. He’ll even defeat challenging bosses along the way. If you thought the reptilian champion might be a bit out of shape after 20 years in retirement–think again! Superfrog HD stays true to the original while updating the mechanics and adding in modern polish to the games visuals.

Help Superfrog save the day in this modern throwback to one of the best classic platformers of the 90s, get Superfrog HD, for only $3.99 on, until Sunday, September 14, at 9:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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