Movie Release: Journey to Planet X

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An ode to the value of hobbies.

Journey to Planet X, a funny and touching documentary about an epic escape from the mundane and straight into outer space, is available DRM-free for only $5.99.

Eric Swain and Troy Bernier are accomplished scientists by day and amateur filmmakers by night. Over the years these two friends have turned out many of their own amateur, sci-fi inspired movies. The documentary follows the filming of “Planet X”, the duo’s most ambitious endeavor to date, and sheds light on their unique brand of “movie magic.”

While Troy views Planet X as an opportunity to launch a career in the movie-industry, Eric is content with making films as a playful and creative hobby. Troy’s bold new aspirations greatly exceed anything they’ve accomplished in previous films and the pressure of raising the bar forces both to take a leap of faith. They recruit the involvement of everyone they can find – from their own family members, to co-workers, and local aspiring actors. They shoot on sand dunes, highway overpasses, and inside an industrial-sized freezer at a local supermarket. Together with their cast and crew, they form an unlikely community of like-minded adventurers.

Journey to Planet X will tell you all about making a sci-fi feature film in your own backyard for only $5.99!

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