Weekend Promo: TopWare & Anuman Combo

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Up to 80% off the combined catalogs of Anuman and TopWare: unleash the energy of Two Worlds II, Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders, Corsairs Gold, and more!

Some timeless combinations, coming straight from the ancient almanac of The Things That Are: caramel & salt, fish & chips, macaroni & cheese, cadillacs & dinosaurs. Now it’s time to make another entry to this legendary list: the TopWare & Anuman Combo. Adventure, strategy, role-playing, racing – a blast of pure entertainment is released from this powerful pairing. All you need to do is pull off your perfect sequence of games, going for up to 80% off, without breaking the flow!

Unlikely alliances and large-scale conflict will be your bread and butter in the action-RPG Two Worlds II: Epic Edition, as you find yourself siding with the despicable Orcs in hopes of saving your sister.

Nobody can pull off a passive-aggressive interrogation or an impeccable mustache quite like Hercule Poirot, and both of these characteristics take center stage as he sets off to puzzle out The ABC Murders committed by a rather arrogant adversary.

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood is an outlaw, a rogue, a proper scoundrel. But he and his uniquely-skilled band of Merry Men are the only ones who can free England from the clutches of the usurper Prince John and his wretched minions. One carefully-planned ambush at a time.

Let the energy of the TopWare & Anuman Combo flow through you. There are 36 different hits available to complete the combo, including: Syberia, Dracula Trilogy, Knights & Merchants, Moto Racer, and more, going for up to 80% off. The promo will last until June 7, 3:59 AM UTC.

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