Release: Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Genderbender

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“It’s gone!”

A priceless vase is lost on a distant planet that doesn’t exist. An irate colonel wants it back. And only one man is experienced enough…skilled enough…and foolish enough to retrieve it: interstellar adventurer and bungling bachelor Rex Nebular! Join Rex as he pilots the Slippery Pig on a crash course for Terra Androgena, a planet populated entirely by bizarre alien women with big agendas of their own. Overcome the dizzying array of obstacles and endless traps preventing Rex from returning the priceless pottery. Feel the grotesque effects of the frightening Gender Bender machine!

Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Genderbender is another classic adventure from the days long gone to hit It’s an adventure game sporting the classic point-and-click interface and unmistakable 2D graphics. It’s full of cheesy humor, popular pulp science-fiction tropes, quirky puzzles, and an amount of sexual stereotypes that would get any game banned or at least heavily protested in modern times. Whether you secretly enjoy this type of humor or you’re adamantly against it, you should get this one if only to see how much games have changed as a medium over the course of the last 20-or-so years.

Become the space adventurer and self proclaimed “cool man” to explore weird alien planets and even weirder pop-culture of the early 1990s in Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Genderbender, for only $5.99 on

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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