QLPP20 Site Update – March 13, 2014


By SyncError

QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 20 is now online. This update features four new Premium arenas, including content originating from Rocket Arena 3 and Threewave CTF.

Premium Arenas Added

  • Monastery:

From Mike ‘g1zm0’ Burbidge’s Rocket Arena 3 creations Three Story and Cannery, comes a new arena Monastery. Set in the bowels of broken hallowed grounds, Monastery possesses two outside courtyards and a slew of tattered structures surrounding a tall broken tower. Designed for large Clan Arena matches, Monastery also comes brewed with Free for All and Freeze Tag support.

  • Shaken Not Stirred:

Making its long awaited return from Rocket Arena 3 comes Shaken Not Stirred. Designed by Adam Bellefeuil, author of the Liquid Blue RA3 quadrilogy (Electric Head, Somewhat Damaged, Window Pain, and Shaken Not Stirred), this abandoned mountainous spring water base expands upon our smaller CA arena, Seams and Bolts, making it better suited for large Clan Arena matches (4v4 & up). Shaken Not Stirred was also forged with support for Free For All, Freeze Tag, as well as a checkpoint Race course.

  • City Crossings:

Making its way to QUAKE LIVE from Threewave CTF, City Crossings follows on the success of author Dan “Scancode” Gold’s acclaimed works Spider Crossings and Future Crossings. City Crossings winds through the interior of a tall futuristic cityscape. The flag base sits below a tall rooftop perch where defenders can protect their carrier. The two cities come to a dramatic clash lacking a true middle ground. Players must protect both the tight choke point in mid as well as their perimeter Regen room if they wish to keep their base safe. City Crossings is available in all flag-based gametypes, and Race.

  • Divine Intermission:

A fun aside to play between the more competitive matches, Divine Intermission reminds us that this is all just fun and games. Inside this cathedral two teams will spawn armed with only shotguns and grenades. and clear view of the enemy’s flag. See who can race between the spray of pellets and ‘nades to be ordained victorious. Divine Intermission is available in all flag-based gametypes, and Race.

Game Changes

  • Spawn code updated to now use deferred spawns, to reduce the likelihood of telefrags due to too few spawn points.

Arena Changes

  • Added additional spawn points to the following maps:
    – Devilish
    – Hell’s Gate Redux
    – Hidden Fortress

Source: Quake Live


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