Luck of the Irish Special & BIG Weekend Sale on BIG Games

Classic Games

Build your own bundle! Draw from the mysterious pot! Or plain and simple: save BIG on BIG games!

Irish people are the best! Why would we say that? Not only they invented the best holiday ever, but they’re happy to share it with the rest of the world, as long as the rest of the world knows how to enjoy themselves. Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here, so let’s start celebrating everything Irish! Especially, let’s celebrate the proverbial Irish luck with our Oh, you don’t like Leprechauns and you’ve misplaced your lucky clover? No problem! This weekend, you can also save up to 75% on some of the biggest recent titles from our catalog in our BIG games BIG sale weekend offer. Shadow Warrior (2013) for only $9.99? Hell yeah! The Banner Saga for just $16.74? There you go! Aarklash: Legacy for $8.39? But of course! These, and 11 more fantastic titles will be available up to 75% off until Tuesday, March 18, at 4:59AM GMT. Don’t miss out, and Sláinte!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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