Release: Parkan: Iron Strategy

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Return of the killer robots.

Parkan: Iron Strategy, a first-person action/strategy taking place in a planetary system populated by battle-hardened bots, is available now, DRM-free on

The Labyrinth calls to you again. You’re back in that network of war-ravaged planets, whose resources are being contested among several mechanical tribes, and you need to stand your ground. As a well-armed Captain, you can engage the enemy face-to-face with your devastating laser, 4-pack missile launcher, autocannon, or electromagnetic weapon, turning enemies to scrap or entering and clearing buildings to capture them. But you can also keep some distance, sending your killer-bot troops to do your dirty work and managing production and upgrades from inside one of your Command Bunkers or HQ robots. If you are feeling creative, you can even make warbots of your own design, then deploy them on the battlefield or hop inside them and spread fire on the local wildlife and your mechanical foes.

Command, fight, research, and pilot your army of killing machines in the five-part campaign of Parkan: Iron Strategy, DRM-free on

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