Hey GOGers, let’s share our Weekend Playlists!

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Which games are keeping you company this weekend?

The week’s end is upon us! Time to rejoice, consume unhealthy amounts of food, sleep, relax, and play a lot of videogames. Not necessarily in that order. But weekends are not about order, they are about wonderful, uninhibited, guilt-free fun.

So which games are you playing this weekend to achieve the fun? Go on, share your Weekend Playlists with us. They can include single-player games, multiplayer games, console exclusives, anything – we are not judging. In fact, we are sharing too!

Looking for some inspiration, perhaps? The GOG.com releases of the week provide plenty:

You can wreck the dead with your dancing routines in the new Crypt of the NecroDancer DLC
You can crawl into the labyrinthine dungeon of Barony: Cursed Edition
You can catch up to the upcoming Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
You can puzzle/platform your way into the enigmatic heart of the Braid
You can solve this giant riddle of an island as The Witness
You can blow away aliens with a super-tank in Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy
You can build your own Goliath and play fisticuffs with huge monsters
You can blast into space and become a Star Ruler 2 with the new DLC
You can fight under the neon lights, practicing your awesome Megamagic

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