Release: Galactic Civilizations III: Lost Treasures DLC

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One civilization’s peril is another man’s treasure.

Galactic Civilizations III: Lost Treasures DLC makes you into an intergalactic archaeologist, seeking ancient technologies considered long lost, and is available now, DRM-free on

The galaxy is a vast place that stretches not only through space but also time. The relics of past civilizations, lying scattered across its stars, are brimming with untapped potential, mystical powers, and hidden knowledge that can boost your empire into a new age of prosperity. However, new colony events will still pose challenges that require you to make careful decisions and make use of the new planetary improvements and ship components to overcome them. Wielding ancient technology holds immense potential, but don’t forget that it’s your Ideology that will ultimately decide your empire’s destiny.

Unearth Lost Treasures and combine them with your personal Ideology in order to lead your empire into greatness, DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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