Weekend Promo: Best of Summer Sale 2016

Classic Games

Up to 80% off several Summer Sale highlights: Dying Light, SOMA, Victor Vran, Kerbal Space Program, Undertale, and more!

Maybe you were binge-watching your huge backlog of TV shows, perhaps you were splashing about in some remote beach, or you were completely broke after getting yourself a brand new A/C unit to survive the heat. Whatever your reasons for missing out on these sweet Summer Sale deals, we can’t let you go on living in regret. So we’re bringing back the Best of Summer Sale 2016! Here’s your chance to snatch any juicy deals that you missed and get your life back on track!

The zombies are dumber than you, and they can never hope to match your heavy-duty arsenal or dope parkour moves. But they’ve got the numbers, and when darkness falls, they’ve got the upper hand. Don’t ever let it reach you, or this is going to be the last Dying Light you’ll ever see.

Is who we are defined by memories, experience, or the way our creator meant it? To think is to exist, to have a SOMA, but if you want to continue down that path you’ll need to look for answers in spooky places, populated by twisted creatures that can never find you.

Demon hunter by trade, force of destruction by necessity, loot collector by habit: Victor Vran is the ultimate monsters’ bane and there’s never a dull moment when slicing, dicing, and leveling up at his side!

Continue your looting spree by picking up the Best of Summer Sale 2016 that you may have missed, going for up to -80%. You can’t really go wrong with Hyper Light Drifter, Shadowrun, Enter the Gungeon, Undertale, or any of the plenty other winners in here!
The promo will last until August 2, 3:59 AM UTC.

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