Release: Hogs of War

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Generals gathered in their masses!

Hogs of War, a pork-flavored turn-based strategy title with four player multiplay and some cheeky sense of humor, is available on for only $5.99.

Arm your Hogs of War to the teeth with a choice of 40 different weapons including sniper rifles, bazookas, mines, jetpacks, cluster grenades, and tanks to fight for one of six different pig armies, each one based on a real nation from the First World War-era: Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, France, or the USA. There’s an explosive 25 level single player campaign for you to take on, and an addictive online multiplayer mode for up to four players. You can customize your squad as you promote your hogs from Grunt to Officer in one of four different classes – Heavy Weapons, Medic, Espionage, or Engineer – your swine will learn more skills and acquire the use of a wider range of weaponry. All this with a solid serving of cheeky sense of humor brought to life by the vocal talents of renowned British comedian Rik Mayall.

If you love turn-based strategies but you don’t want to take all of your virtual wars that seriously, make sure to give Hogs of War a try, for only $5.99 on (or, if you prefer, the equivalent in EUR, AUD, GBP, or RUB).

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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